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That branding is tribal

Simon Croft, Creative Director

What we buy shows the world what tribe we belong to.

When we buy products we are showcasing the values we believe are important. Everything from organic socks made from bamboos in South East Asia by companies who carefully choose their labour to electric cars made with partly recycled materials.

Through our brand allegiances we connect with other consumers and justify our decisions by seeing other people doing the same. They are the same tribe as us and therefore likely to ‘get us’.

So how do brands create these communities?

Usually by advocating for benefits that go beyond the product themselves – e.g. electric cars are not just about avoiding trips to petrol stations, but about reducing carbon emissions. 

So think big when you articulate your purpose and define your values – and if you struggle, come to Orangery and we’ll help you with a powerful Brand Platform that will unite you with your fan base.

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