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That brands matter during recession

Simon Croft, Creative Director
brands during recession

How should brand’s behave when economies go down?

During recessions, consumers tend to stay in more, go out less, put decisions on hold, spend and buy differently – in short, behaviours change and everything is re-evaluated.

This has a massive impact on the high street, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc.  Conversely, take-aways options, Netflix, Amazon etc boom during recessions.

So how do brands make sure they are the ones that consumers prioritise?

As always it goes back to meaning.

When brands stand for something that is important to their target audience, when they want to create a change in society that consumers find important – then they become a priority and are more likely to stay on the “buy” list.

We can help you become more recession proof by standing out with your brand messaging, look and general awesomeness.

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