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That not all problems can be solved with pictures

Simon Croft, Creative Director

Very often we get a project where the brief is to use design to help a product reach its audience. But not all things can be improved by design alone.

If only clients knew how many times we start with information design, before we begin the actual design process (graphic design). For those who are unsure about what information design is – it is where we facilitate the delivery of information by translating complex information into information that users can easily read and understand.

Very often this takes the shape of a mix of words and images – e.g. does the information need to be presented through an infographic rather than words alone? Should it be displayed in boxes that sit on top of each other with arrows between them to show connection and direction? Or perhaps a chart with arrows etc? And what can we remove because it simply serves no purpose?

Only once we have made these choices about information design, can we get started on the colouring in. Clients are mostly unaware of this process, which takes place seamlessly between the strategy and design phases. But rest assured that it not only the bridge between the plan and execution internally in agencies, but also the difference between content that looks good and content that works (while it looks good).

So now you know…

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