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Anniversary campaign for Dunlop Sports 100 years - tennis ball and net

Dunlop 100 years

Dunlop100 Years Anniversary Campaign

Dunlop SportsAnniversary Campaign

2023 is the 100th year since Dunlop entered the racket sports market, when back in 1923 they introduced their first tennis ball.

Dunlop Sports has grown to be a global brand that specialises across multiple racket sports. Dunlop create world-class, technology driven equipment for all levels of players, from professionals on the ATP tour through to grass roots, ensuring that every player can ‘love the game’.


Branding & Guidelines
Campaign Concept and Rollout
Video & Photography

The brief 

Dunlop Sports came to us to create an identity and campaign to help communicate the 100 years story.

The anniversary campaign and identity we created not only looks back at Dunlop’s rich sporting heritage but also to the future through their world-class product technologies and the next generation of players across the varied racket sports.

We wanted to say thank you to the one constant that has always been throughout all Dunlop’s sports – the court – it’s where we play, where we watch, where we learn and where we love the game. So to the court we say thank you. We came up with the concept of ‘Celebrating 100 years on court’.


Campaign Video 

We produced a 30 sec campaign video focussing on all the different type of courts. Capturing the details; the lines, the nets and all the things that without them being there, would mean no game. The video captures the courts before they are being played on and builds as if getting ready for a match. We end on a ‘Thank you’ seeing players from various sports on their beloved courts playing the games that they love.

Dunlop 100 years identity
Dunlop 100 years identity guidelines

The 100 years identity

Dunlop required an identity that could work easily with their current logo, effectively replacing the main logo throughout the anniversary year. The identity needed to work across all Dunlop’s touch-points, ranging from on court banners at the Australian Open Grand Slam, social assets to employee bin badges.

We created an updated identity guideline so all Dunlop’s market regions can use the identity and apply it across their communications in 2023

Anniversary Campaign Dunlop 100 years court images

Campaign imagery suite

We produced a full suite of imagery for the anniversary campaign, across the 5 sports or tennis, squash, badminton, padel and table tennis.

We utilised the film production locations to simultaneously run a stills shoot. This allowed us to capture beautiful imagery of the racket courts that tie in directly with the video helping create a cohesive campaign across video, print and digital.

Dunlop Anniversary campaign for 100 years - advertising and social
100 years anniversary campaign - printed collateral
Dunlop 100 years anniversary campaign - social assets

Campaign Assets

The campaign consisted of assets across digital and print and has the flexibility to use all the racket sports at once or be focused on a singular sport depending on the audience and platform.

We created a toolkit for Dunlops market regions to take them through the 100 years story and show all the core assets available to them as templates.

The anniversary campaign assets produced covered all touch-points across Marketing assets, social, tournament, merchandise and activation.



Campaign Landing page

We designed and built a 100 years landing page as a place to direct the audience to discover more about the Dunlop story and events that will be happening through the year.

The page is developed in WordPress and features a dynamic parralax scroll with text and video animating down the page. The page contains a Dunlop timeline module and News & Stories module that is updated automatically as Dunlop add news articles tagged with ‘100 years’.

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