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Dunlop SportsCX Racket Campaign

Dunlop SportsCX Series: Control the game

First Dunlop launched SPIN, then POWER and now comes CONTROL. For the second iteration of the CX Control Series, Dunlop wanted to show how CX Control series rackets help all players ‘Control the game’. So we developed a creative execution that clearly communicates the benefits of the CX Control series.

Total control

In tennis, when you control your shot selection, you control the game. The CX Control series is engineered to give players control of every type of shot. We showed this by ‘replacing’ the racket handle with the CX remote control. This conveys palm-of-your-hand control – easy and instant. Because the racket handle breaks visual expectations, it causes the audience to do a double take.

Dunlop CX campaignLaunch video storyboard image

We started this project at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic and delivered it seamlessly via remote working.

We produced a fully integrated campaign on time and on budget including well-executed, high-end digital and print content. By using CGI and animation we controlled all project elements. Our flexibility and lateral thinking helped maximise the content we could create from key pieces of work and reduced our need for physical interactions.

Social under control 

We gave the internal marketing team key assistance with a social strategy. One that could deliver and could flex to respond to the shifting timelines of a COVID-19 global pandemic. 

We put digital social assets at the center of the project and built from there, delivering content and brand touch-points to engage the audience. Our social campaign generated interest through teaser content, building to a full video at launch.

Control delivered

Digital assets were central to the project, but print still played an important role in the CX Control series campaign. We delivered campaign imagery and product photography to make sure all print collateral followed the campaign visual story. We also created the CX seeding box, a premium package delivered to all the players that stoked their spirits and love of the game as they returned to the court following the difficult lockdown period.

Cx campaign AD 48 sheet on billboard
CX Campaign print adverts image
Dunlop CX campaign seeding box image
“Orangery have delivered once again, a great campaign seamlessly put together under the most trying of times.”

Tom Jarrett-Kerr
Senior Global Marketing Manager
Dunlop Sports

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