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Dunlops SportsFX series: Power at full force

Dunlop sportsFX series: Power at full force

To launch the new FX Force Series, Dunlop wanted to create a narrative that helped communicate the racket’s new powerful technologies and features. Our brief was to create an integrated campaign to bring this story of power to life.

A creative campaign full of power

The “POWER AT FULL FORCE” campaign uses an impossible 3D triangle that represents the FX rackets interlinking attributes of Control, Power and Feel. The campaign comes to life as a secret testing facility where various power challenges are undertaken to demonstrate the FX rackets powerful abilities.

FX Series Gallery Image 01
FX Series Gallery Image - 02
FX Series Gallery Image - 03

Setting up the story with a video produced in collaboration with Bullet, the narrative was then flowed through print advertising, a digital teaser campaign and on to the FX series landing page. Art direction of campaign imagery and product photography ensured a cohesive visual story throughout.

Image of FX Campaign print ads

Powerful force at work

During these challenging times a powerful integrated campaign has been delivered to the same exacting and high standards that are now expected from the revitalised Dunlop brand. An energising campaign with an engaging narrative to help the sales teams and trade customers sell at full force.

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