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A bit about Holos

The word Holos means whole. The company’s expertise is leadership and cultural change across whole organisations. They design and deliver. bespoke learning experiences that break norms, stretch their clients and make sense of the future. They focus on four areas – working with mega-trends, strategic direction-setting, leadership and cultural development and transformation fitness.


The brief

Holos came to us with a problem which was that they had a very manual process taking hours and hours of their time. They had some big blue-chip clients lined up that would potentially need thousands of reports. They asked us to streamline and help them automate the digital process for two of their core products, Leadership 360 and Team Diagnostics.

Both products followed a similar flow of sending surveys of frequency-based questions to leaders and team members. The answers were scored and the results visualised within a report. This was then used in a debrief session between Holos and the Leader or Team Member highlighting current strengths and opportunities, and a route-map for improvement.

What we did

We worked with Holos to design a fully automated system, which allowed them to set up, manage and deliver reports for hundreds of Leadership 360s and Team Diagnostics simultaneously.

How it works

Holos can now login to an admin system and choose between the two products, Leadership 360 and Team Diagnostics. They can create programmes, upload as many leaders or teams as they need and set the times the surveys are sent. Automatic reminders have been built in to increase efficiency, and they can even edit the communication that the teams and leaders receive.

For the Teams and Leaders it simple – they receive invitations to a survey of frequency-based questions, which they can complete online in one go, or save and return to later. Once all the surveys are complete a report is generated and available online and as a PDF.

Data Visualisation

An important part of our brief was to visualise the data collected in a simple, intuitive and elegant way. We did this by creating an interactive dashboard utilising spider diagrams for overview data, broken down into bar charts and pie charts for section summaries and individual question scores. Holos were thrilled with how the new dashboard looked and it really enhanced the reports for their clients.

Aggregating the data for business level overviews

With all the data collected we were able to aggregate that data by different variables for Holos’s clients, creating numerous overviews and comparisons. An example of this is a comparison per quarter, where we created an additional dashboard showing averages across all questions within a selected quarter, with the ability to compare one quarter with another.


The system allows Holos to set up, manage and deliver reports for hundreds of Leadership 360s and Team Diagnostics simultaneously. The system has saved the client an enormous amount of man hours. Piloted with a key client, the system has now been rolled out across their other major blue-chip clients.

“Streamlining and automating two of our key products has saved us a phenomenal amount of time, meaning we can focus our attentions on what really matters - servicing our clients.”

Neil Crofts

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