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A bit about Holos

Holos means whole. Their expertise is leadership and cultural change across whole organisations. They pride themselves on designing and delivering bespoke learning experiences that break norms, create stretch and make sense of the future. They work on four main areas – working with megatrends, strategic direction-setting, leadership and cultural development and transformation fitness.

The Brief

When Holos came to us, they had an existing logo and primary colour palette. They also had a website but they didn’t feel it truly reflected what they were about or speak to the people they wanted to attract. The website needed to reflect their brand positioning of ‘Transformational Anarchists’. Initially, they wanted a landing page to then build on over time to take Holos to the next level.

What We Did

We began by building on what Holos already had visually, which included a logo, primary colour palette and an illustration style. Mark Thompson and Neil Crofts co-founders of Holos, wrote a book in 2018 called ‘Stealing from the future (and how you can stop it)’, which we helped them design. The book uses a distinctive illustration style which we then adopted for the website to give it personality. We also expanded the colour palette to make it friendly and engaging. The website uses bold statements and questions to draw the user in.

It was important for them to get that human element across, so in addition to the toyed fonts, the website uses a hand-drawn script style font.


Holos set up #thegreatleadershipproject to celebrate great leaders, with the idea being that we choose the leaders we need for the future more often. The idea is to engage the Holos community, building discussion. It has its own area on the Holos website with its own look and feel, although closely linked visually to the Holos brand.

Transformational Anarchist Quiz

We also designed an interactive quiz to find out ‘Are you a Transformational Anarchist?’. This allows Holos to engage with genuine leads.


The WordPress website clearly communicated what Holos are about, engaging the user with bright colours, bold written statements and a script and illustration style that adds a human quality to the brand. The CMS means the client is in control of their own content so it is always up to date and fresh looking.

“Our new website is a reflection of who we truly are and talks to the type of clients we want to attract. It was important for us to get that human element across, as for us business is all about people. The online questionnaire is a great conversation starter for potential clients.”

Neil Crofts

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