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PycomBranding, Digital

PycomBranding, Digital

From the very beginning, Pycom was a brand with a lot of energy and pace. Driven by ambitious and fast-moving entrepreneurs, the brand developed organically, with great energy and momentum, and quickly cemented their role as the champion for small developers in a space dominated by big enterprise.

Driven by the idea of creating things that no one has been able to, the need to make life easier through innovation in technology and a natural sense of entrepreneurship, Pycom settled into the fast lane.

But there were a few mixed messages – on one hand it was a rebel with a punch-in-the-face disruptor attitude. On the other hand, it was very keen to stick with the rules, so that corporate investors would feel it resonated with them. A very common conflict for many strong start-up brands. Time to pause and reflect.

Inspiring the maker community to go invent

Our Brand Strategist was involved from the beginning and had the role of condensing the brand to its very essence. Our strategy captured the many sides of the brand personality and honed in on the vision and purpose of this fast-moving company.

Developing a bold visual language

The identity was built on the three pillars of Pycom’s business – hardware, software and networks. Combined, these can be used in any combination to create products. This modular system allowed us to dial up, or down, the visual language depending on the audience.

We rolled the new brand identity out across the packaging, events and of course the new website.

A rebel in the boardroom

The result was a consistent, bold identity that allowed Pycom’s founders to stay true to their nature as disruptive game changers. But still attract serious investors.

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Bettina Rubek Slater

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