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Station10Brand Identity & Website

Station10Brand Identity & Website

A bit about Station10

Did you know that Station10 was the codename for Bletchley Park, home of the World War II code breakers? Inspired by their achievements, Station10 works with vast amounts of data to crack seemingly impossible problems, using brainpower, experience, and technology to decode modern-day society and turn data into the language of positive change.

Our brief

Our task was to rebrand and update the website design of Station10 to more accurately reflect who they are today and to create a consistent brand across all touchpoints.

What we did

Combining the history behind the codename, their core purpose of using data to unlock growth and drive positive change, we created a rebrand with an underlying reference to the morse code signals and the codebreaking machinery used back in World War II.

Cracking the code

The enigma machine used three rotors to encrypt a message, and subsequently, the bombe machine used three rotors to decrypt the message. Using a graphical representation of both this and the morse code translation for Station10, we crafted the new symbol and supergraphic.

Iconography and animation

Within the updated visual identity for the rebrand, we created iconography and animations to extend the brand and allow flexibility over the various touchpoints for the team. Using 3D, 2D, and specialist animation across the digital output, allowed us to create a more interactive experience.


The problem, the challenge and the strategic objective


We break down the objective, we crack the code and we build

Drive Change

We drive impact and change through the solution

Visual identity

The visual identity system was applied across all touchpoints both digital and printed, from internal documents to B2B presentations ensuring a consistent look and feel.

rebrand website design
rebrand website design
rebrand website design
rebrand website design

Decoding customers, business, and society

A primary touchpoint for the new visual identity was the website, where the design and build was with CMS functionality to allow the team to frequently update the content with Case Studies, Partnerships, and Insights.

rebrand website design
rebrand website design
rebrand website design

The result

We created a rebrand with meaning through a coherent, elegant visual identity system and website design, reflecting the complex nature of what Station10 does, across all their brand touchpoints.

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