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Your brand drives everything. It informs decisions on every touchpoint of your business, unifies employees and deepens engagement with customers.

The first part of our process is to discover your ‘why’. As a branding agency we use a combination of workshops, employee and customer research to get under the skin of the business, review your positioning, understand your architecture and propose a unified brand platform that celebrates your authenticity. Then we go about crafting a digital-first visual identity system, tone of voice and messaging that’s fit for purpose.

What we partner with you on

Orangery Branding Agency team working in the design studio
Orangery Branding Agency team member using post-it notes for Brand Strategy

our approach to branding


We listen. We solve problems. And (most importantly) we care. So if you’re after a branding agency that lives your brand as much as you do, our journey together starts here.

Find out more about our thoughtful approach to branding projects and how we nurture brands towards a purposeful future using our 3-step process.

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